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Description:   This project tries to make Spanish Wikipedia a useful resource for the language research community.

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Language Filter Displays multilingual rss feeds, serving news corresponding to browser language settings. User can set language preference with checkbox. For use with Postnuke compatible sites feeds. Development branch aims to provide broader support.

Language Hint Helps you not to confuse the keyboard layout during text editing by showing the flag of the input language near the mouse cursor.

Language Popularity Index A fully automatic and transparent tool to measure programming language popularity on the Internet. Fully automatizedFully transparent

Language for Aggressive Loop Pipelining Language for Aggressive Loop Pipelining Compiler for Reconfigurable Architecture Generation

Language recognition Aplication for language and encoding recognition based on methods of machine learning. Command-line interface.

Lojban language learning game Lllg is an idea of having fun in a game while learning a new language. This is written in python using pygame because python is an awesome language :D

MORIA Computer Language MORIA Is an interpreted language written entirely in C++.It contains features of OOP, user defined types, local/global variable scoping, external lib/dll calling. No YACC Parsers were used as this was proof of concept, so src code easier to follow

MediaWiki Query Language MWQL is an extension to MediaWiki, providing (end) users with a language for structural queries, so that they can build dynamic pages as seen in the Special pages of Wikipedia.

Message Parsing Language A simple language implementation which can be used to parse messages or signals. It can ease the process of writing parsing code for some protocol messages/signals such as in SS7, CDMA or other fields.

Open Language Archives Community OLAC is creating a worldwide virtual library of language resources by developing consensus on best current practice for the digital archiving of language resources, and developing a network of interoperating repositories and services.

Windows hunter Windows hunter is an open source screen scraping program. Is still in under heavy development. Fast window caption, image processing and renderingImage recognition in the data regionSimple text recognition

WikipediaBioReferences It is a tool to improve wikipedia article. You enter a taxon name, it will search on 50 well known and free taxonomist web sites and will generate wikipedia syntax containing a complete taxobox + a list of subtaxon + a list of references

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